E-Sails Cruising Chute - SIZE 18

SIZE 18, Luff 19.4m, Approx Area 165 Sqm / 1775 Sqft. For approximate boat size approx 16.5m (54ft)
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E-Sails Tri-Radial Cruising Chute SIZE 18 - ESCRCHT18

SIZE 18, Luff 19.4m, Approx Area 165 Sqm / 1775 Sqft. For approximate boat size approx 17.1m (56ft)

Tri-Radial in Layout, meaning they have horizontal panels across the centre and the corner panels all Radiate inwards, so that the sheet loads are running directly along the fibres.

Material is 1.5oz Ripstop Nylon - which is an ideal weight for most cruising yachts and for most wind conditions.

The Sails feature Leech and Foot tapes and Pressed Rings on Tack, Clew and Head.

The sail is supplied in a Nylon Bag, and they are suitable for use with Snuffers.


We recommend that you choose a Cruising Chute with a Luff Length that is equal (or about 98%) of your measured (SFL) distance. i.e. From your Spinnaker Halyard's maximum Hoist position, down to the Cruising Chute's Tack attachment point (ordinarily this will be about the same as your yacht's quoted Forestay Length (FL). If you plan to use a Snuffer or a Furler, then deduct another 0.5m from SFL to allow room.



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Peter Healey - Beneteau First 26
14 July 2014
"Thanks for your efficient and prompt service. The chute arrived a week last Thurs, and I used it for the first time today. I was pleased how easy it … read more