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E-Sails Spinnaker Snuffer (Squeezer)

E-Sails Snuffer

E-Sails Spinnaker Snuffers (Squeezers) are made with a tube of Knitted Polyester Flag Material (available in White only) which slides easily down over the sail material and allows the sail to drain/dry.  

E-Sails Spinnaker Snuffers have a robust moulded fibreglass mouth and a continuous halyard fastened onto a strop at the mouth.  The Sail is attached by it's Head ring inside the tube, to a webbing strap and shackle and the tube it then pulled down over the sail to 'douse' it.

The Spinnaker Halyard is fastened to the top of the Snuffer for use, so that the sail can be unsnuffed, then set and trimmed, by simply pulling on the Integral Halyard. This ideally is made off onto a mast cleat (or a similar location) whilst sailing.

The Integral continuous Halyard runs in a separate internal pocket (so it can't get tangled up with the sail).

Choose a Snuffer that is equal to the Luff Length of the Sail, or is shorter.

Snuffers work well with E-Sails Side Launch Bags!

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E-Sails Spinnaker Snuffer SIZE 25

E-Sails Spinnaker Snuffer SIZE 25, Length 26.5m

Base price: £655.00
Base price for variant: £655.00
Variant price modifier:
Sales price with discount:
Sales price: £786.00
Price ex-VAT: £655.00
VAT: £131.00
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