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Cruising Chute Sheet Kit

Cruising Chute Sheet Kit

E-Sails Cruising Chute Sheet Kits comprise : - a Pair of Sheets (plain ended without snap shackles) of a suitable ...

£104.44£482.56Select options

E-sails tri-radial cruising chute

Tri-Radial Cruising Chute

E-Sails Tri-Radial Cruising Chutes are a super easy-to-use design, their flying shape is optimised for a broad range of reaching ...

£324.00£4,104.00Select options

Cruising Chute Block Kit

Cruising Chute Block Kit

E-Sails Cruising Chute Block Kit contains three Selden Blocks, One for a Tackline and One for each sheet on the aft ...

£66.53£929.81Select options


Spinnaker Snuffer

E-Sails Spinnaker Snuffers (Squeezers) are made with a tube of Knitted Polyester Flag Material (available in White only) which slides ...

£210.00£786.00Select options

Spinnaker side launch bag

Spinnaker Side Launch Bag

E-Sails Spinnaker Side Launch Bags are made in robust Bag Nylon, with Guardrail clips on the sides, mesh end panels and ...

£42.00£186.00Select options

Storm Sleeve

Storm Sleeve

Choose the corresponding Storm Sleeve/Storm Jib Number. The Sleeve allows deployment of a Hanked Storm Jib without the need for ...

£72.00£260.40Select options

E-sails Storm Jib

Storm Jib

E-Sails Storm Jibs are made in 9oz. Heavy Weight, High Visibility, Storm Orange Dacron and they are built to withstand ...

£159.60£579.60Select options


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  • We give on-line information to help you choose the right product, based on establishing your own measurements
  • We enable you to easily order your sail on-line, with a fast delivery

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